Zeit für ein kleines Quiz:
Time for a guessing game:

Was hat dieses Foto mit Tee zu tun?
How is this photograph related to tea?

Mal  sehen, welche Erklärungsvorschläge Ihr in die Kommentare schreibt.
Let's see what explanations you might come up with in the comments.

Falls es zu schwierig wird, hätte ich für ein späteres Update noch ein Foto in reserve.
In case this might be too difficult to guess, I've got another hint as a photograph to come up in a later update.


Nachdem Luke quasi  gelöst hat, hier noch der letzte Schritt, der zeigt, wo ich die Schuhe einsetzen werde.
After Luke has solved the question, I'll now let you know where my shoes will take me to the tea.

Im April geht es für zwei Wochen nach Nepal (Ilam-Gebiet) und darin machen wir einen kleinen Abstecher nach Darjeeling. Während der First Flush Ernte in die Teeberge ... ich freue mich wie verrückt!
In April we will be travelling to Nepal (Ilam region) with a detour to Darjeeling. To be on the tea mountains during the First Flush season ... you just can't imagine how much I am looking forward to it!


  1. A North Face pair of sports shoes may indicate a high mountain (oolong) tea.
    Or, it could mean that you have a tea that smells like sweaty sports shoes. (Some cooked puerhs remind me of smells of old socks sometimes...)
    Or, you are using spent dry tea leaves to absorb the bad smells of these shoes?

    I know a club of runners that drinks beer out of their running shoes (when the runner comes with a new pair of shoes). But I guess you are probably not drinking tea out of them! Anyway, I wonder what the link with tea will be!

  2. Dear Stéphane,
    thanks for getting it started!
    Aah, I've been anticipating the one about Shu Puer (=shoe tea), though it is not what I'm trying to get at.
    I will most definitely NOT drink tea out of my shoes ... nor any other beverages. And it is not about High Mountain Oolong, though that idea might take you eventually in the right direction.
    Any further guesses anyone?

  3. I think the picture of the shoes means, that your are going somewhere where you need good shoes in order to climb hills. Maybe there are no streets. And since we know that tea grows well on high places like mountains and the harvest season will start anytime soon or rather has started already in some places of the world, I would guess that your are one of the lucky guys in the world who has the opportunity to go on business travel to a tea plantation. If I guessed right, would you bring me a little bit of some self harvested tea? :p

  4. Well Luke ... was it guessing or remembering?
    Think I posted a clue on Teetalk.de some days ago. ;-)

  5. Guessing *blush* AND remebering. I have a head like a sieve ;)